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Autonomy: Once a strategic plan has been formulated, we fully empower the acquired company’s management to run the business.  We avoid second-guessing our managers and leave the day-to-day operation of the business to those who know it best.

Accountability:  We encourage our managers to  be creative in the pursuit of new avenues for success.  We also expect transparency and accountability, and are believers in the value of reliable performance metrics.

Assistance: We want to be responsive and supportive, as much or as little as needed. Throughout the life of an investment, we work alongside management on all critical capital decisions, be it capital structure (financing etc.) or capital allocation (product development, market strategy, in-house vs. outsourcing, etc.).  Eigen Capital also supports portfolio companies in their external growth initiatives as we view follow-on acquisitions as a key element for creating value.

Acceleration: We believe that our fast-paced economic environment requires businesses to have the necessary agility to constantly make corrective adjustments and evolve.  We expect our managers to operate with a sense of urgency.

Alignment: The core tenet of our business philosophy is that management and employees’ interests must be properly aligned with that of the shareholders.  We structure our transactions to ensure that management is motivated to succeed and rewarded for value creation.
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